>NeatDesk or Office Assistant

>Home OfficeImage via WikipediaAre you the type of person that works best on your own?  Are you the type of person that needs to have few if any distractions while you work?  If you are then you may be better off having a NeatDesk ADF Scanner than having an office assistant.  Some people that are very focused on their work and prefer to be in complete control of their time do not do as well with an office assistant.  This is especially true if you work at home or use a home office part or all of the time. 

Often the home office makes it inconvenient to have an office assistant but the demands of the business make it completely unnecessary to have a commercial office space.  However, the amount of paper work and record keeping is no less than any other growing business.  The processing, storing and sorting of paperwork can bog down a growing sole proprietorship or LLC. 

This all will change once your NeatDesk scanner with ADF arrives.  You can easily scan all of the weeks or even months documents at one time by just loading up to 50 pages into the feeder and hitting enter.  The NeatDesk with Neatworks software will scan, sort and file all of your papers based on information it reads from the pages.  It allow you to then search based on keyword to find all of your documents with the click of a mouse. 

If your goal is to expand your business or increase your sales the NeatDesk will keep you from getting buried under piles of paperwork.  If you don’t have to sort and file all of your documents and receipts you will have much more time to do more important things that will enhance your bottom line and grow your company. 

Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner
Flip Pal Portable Scanner
NeatDesk and Neatworks
Try Neat!

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